Health begins on the inside

For thirty years, I had dreamed of owning a Vitamix.  However, I kept putting that wishful thinking on the back burner of my kitchen aspirations, as other things kept diverting my attention.

It wasn’t until I looked in the mirror one birthday morning and realized “I HAVE to do something.”  I was overweight, low on energy, and stressed.  In my heart, I knew that weight loss pills weren’t the answer, and my passion for running wasn’t enough.  Something had to give; I needed a driving force, a lifestyle makeover, to propel me towards the health that I so desired.

I took the leap and invested in a Vitamix.  Now my mornings consist of a green smoothie.  I know…”Ewwww! That sounds disgusting!” Really, it is healthy, filling, and easy.  Vitamix has a great webpage of mix and match smoothie ingredients so even the most intimidated smoothie-enthusiast can blend like a pro every time.

In the evenings, I come home and “Vitamix” a meal comprised of healthy vegetables and whole food ingredients.  Sometimes it’s soup; other times it is more substantial. It is always filling, tasty, and satisfying.

Since I began this culinary trek (just three weeks ago), I have lost 17 pounds without hunger pains and constant cravings.  I am no longer stress-eating. My energy levels have increased.  So is it working?  You tell me.


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